Saturday, 15 February 2014

February Photo a Day Days 8 to 14

Day 8- "Water"
A glass being filled with water.

Day 9- "Details"
The first thing Adam suggested this morning for Details was Stitching.
So here is a detail of the stitching button and zip on a pair of jeans.

Day 10- "I Am..."
Today I was feeling Poorly, so my photo shows my plan for feeling better.

Day 11- "Mistake"
When I poured out the frozen peas for dinner there was a little pea pod in there.

Day 12- "Out and About"
No out and about for me today- it is my day off , but I don't need to go anywhere in this horrible wet and windy weather. 
So going to the garage with the laundry was as far as I went!

Day 13- "Perfect"
On my way home from work I walked past a new little florist that had these perfect tulips in a bucket outside. So I treated myself.

Day 14- "Heart"
It's Valentines Day today- hubby gave me this gorgeous heart shaped box of Reese's Butter Cups- he knows what I like so well!

Monday, 10 February 2014

February Photo-a-Day The First Week

Here is February's Daily Photo List.

And here are my first seven days worth of photos...

Day 01- "You"
A selfie of me.

Day 02- "Favourite"
Today we went out to Anglesey Abbey to walk around the gardens, and see the beautiful Snowdrops-
Probably my favourite early spring flowers.

Day 03- "Something Orange".
Inspired by Miranda's bowl or fruit I saw on one of her shows, here is my Orange bowl, of "Oranges"  - Chocolate Oranges of course!

Day 04- "Childhood"
What better toy to symbolise Childhood, than Lego? 
A timeless classic- I loved to play with it as a child, and my children have loved it too.

Day 05- "Square"
A crocheted Granny Square!

Day 06- "C is for..."
What else would C be for other than Crochet?!!

Day 07- "Utensil"
My favourite lime green potato masher.

And that's the first seven days of February's #fmsphotoaday.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wool Winder

I find shop bought "balls" of wool very hard to crochet with. 
They don't roll, and due to their shape I find the wool doesn't naturally unravel- I have to pull at it to loosen up enough for the next few stitches.
This isn't great for fast or smooth crochet; nor is it good for my hands or arms.
A lovely round ball that would be free to roll is so much nicer to work from.So as I've already blogged- I bought a Wool Winder. And here it is in use.

Unfortunately, and rather stupidly, I didn't actually research it that well before buying.
I thought it was going to be able to wind me lovely round balls.
It turns out that it doesn't.
As you can see from the photo below, there is quite a large  middle to them, where they wind onto the spindle.


Winding is quite fun to do, but can be quite a staticky (is that really a word?!) business- especially if winding acrylic yarn and the winder is clipped onto a plastic table!

But it does have a rather annoying fault. 
The metal yarn guide positions the wool in the right place for winding. This however does not clip into  place as suggested in the instructions, and very annoyingly it moves. This makes smooth winding virtually impossible.
However a bit of blue tack stuck underneath has pretty much sorted this problem though!

This is what the balls look like once wound- after removing from the winder the hole in the middle does tend to disappear a bit, and the resulting ball is quite solid.


Having used these balls now to crochet with, I definitely think they are better than the shop bought pill shaped balls.
I'm glad I bought it- I'll be using it to rewind all my new balls of wool from now on.
And it has quite a cute retro look to it- don't you think?!

#fmsphotoaday January 25th to 31st

Day 25- "A Taste of Summer" 
I bought this hat and bikini top yesterday, thinking ahead to warmer days and our holiday to the USA this Summer.

Day 26- "Fun Stuff"
Playing Mario Kart on the Wii with the family.

Day 27- "Something I Bought"
Two chocolate bars I bought today :o)


Day 28- "Dinner"
Tonight's dinner- salmon with cubed crispy potatoes.

Day 29- "Window"
Not much of a view out of my living room window, but a nice row of little jugs on the windowsill.

Day 30- "Best Invention Ever"
I'd say definitely The Camera. And especially digital cameras and how they've changed how we can take photos. 
And of course I love my Canon EOS.

Day 31- "Polka Dot"
An easy one for me as I have so many polka dot items in my house!

And that is the end of  my first month of  a FMS Photo a Day!