Tuesday, 4 February 2014

#fmsphotoaday January 25th to 31st

Day 25- "A Taste of Summer" 
I bought this hat and bikini top yesterday, thinking ahead to warmer days and our holiday to the USA this Summer.

Day 26- "Fun Stuff"
Playing Mario Kart on the Wii with the family.

Day 27- "Something I Bought"
Two chocolate bars I bought today :o)


Day 28- "Dinner"
Tonight's dinner- salmon with cubed crispy potatoes.

Day 29- "Window"
Not much of a view out of my living room window, but a nice row of little jugs on the windowsill.

Day 30- "Best Invention Ever"
I'd say definitely The Camera. And especially digital cameras and how they've changed how we can take photos. 
And of course I love my Canon EOS.

Day 31- "Polka Dot"
An easy one for me as I have so many polka dot items in my house!

And that is the end of  my first month of  a FMS Photo a Day!

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