Saturday, 15 February 2014

February Photo a Day Days 8 to 14

Day 8- "Water"
A glass being filled with water.

Day 9- "Details"
The first thing Adam suggested this morning for Details was Stitching.
So here is a detail of the stitching button and zip on a pair of jeans.

Day 10- "I Am..."
Today I was feeling Poorly, so my photo shows my plan for feeling better.

Day 11- "Mistake"
When I poured out the frozen peas for dinner there was a little pea pod in there.

Day 12- "Out and About"
No out and about for me today- it is my day off , but I don't need to go anywhere in this horrible wet and windy weather. 
So going to the garage with the laundry was as far as I went!

Day 13- "Perfect"
On my way home from work I walked past a new little florist that had these perfect tulips in a bucket outside. So I treated myself.

Day 14- "Heart"
It's Valentines Day today- hubby gave me this gorgeous heart shaped box of Reese's Butter Cups- he knows what I like so well!

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