Monday, 10 February 2014

February Photo-a-Day The First Week

Here is February's Daily Photo List.

And here are my first seven days worth of photos...

Day 01- "You"
A selfie of me.

Day 02- "Favourite"
Today we went out to Anglesey Abbey to walk around the gardens, and see the beautiful Snowdrops-
Probably my favourite early spring flowers.

Day 03- "Something Orange".
Inspired by Miranda's bowl or fruit I saw on one of her shows, here is my Orange bowl, of "Oranges"  - Chocolate Oranges of course!

Day 04- "Childhood"
What better toy to symbolise Childhood, than Lego? 
A timeless classic- I loved to play with it as a child, and my children have loved it too.

Day 05- "Square"
A crocheted Granny Square!

Day 06- "C is for..."
What else would C be for other than Crochet?!!

Day 07- "Utensil"
My favourite lime green potato masher.

And that's the first seven days of February's #fmsphotoaday.

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