Saturday, 3 May 2014

My Trip to Cath Kidston Outlet Shop

I love Cath Kidston products- the items, the patterns, and especially the colours.
But not really the prices so much.

So when I discovered they have an outlet store not not many miles away, I couldn't wait to visit.
Today we did, and Emily and I had a lovely time having a good look around.

They sell items from all sections of their regular stores, but the products are end of lines, slight seconds, returned, are  damaged or have items missing.
There were a couple of things I was hoping to find- a fold-away backpack, and a new purse.
I also bought a couple of small gifts to give at Christmas, and some things, just because.

My favourite find was this gorgeous "Stationery Tin".


It was reduced to £4 as damaged, and with items missing. The lid should open up on a hinge, but was on round the wrong way. I'm not sure what should have been inside, but it only came with a little notebook, two little sticker sheets, and an eraser.
I've fixed the lid so I'm really happy with this pretty house tin- and it has a red spotty roof!

This "Secret Notes" book had its padlock and key missing. I got it for £2.

I've fixed it for now with elastic and a couple of buttons. I don't need it to lock, so a quick fix was all it needed.

This cute little card holder has stitching coming undone. I plan on fixing it, but haven't tried yet.
It only cost me £1 so if I can't or it goes wrong, I'll not have lost out too much!

I could have bought so much more, I think I was quite restrained only buying what I did!
Emily bought a few little things too- I'm glad she loves Cath Kidston things as much as me :o)

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