Monday, 27 January 2014

Woolly Purchases....

Whilst I'd told myself that this year I'm not to spend much on wool/yarn and related items, I slipped today and caved in a little....

I'm trying hard to use up (or at least make a little dent in!) my wool stash.
I'm going to crochet blankets to give as gifts, or hopefully even sell a few!
That way I will then be able to allow myself to buy more!
But in order to be able to buy more, I need to know what to buy.
Due to the Fat Mum Slim Daily Photo challenge, I'm spending a little more time on Instagram than I have before.
And in so doing, I came across a lady called Anita who I believe will soon be starting up her own online Yarn Store.
For now she is on Instagram and Facebook as My Craft Life. And you can contact her by email and place an order even though her store isn't up and running yet... which is what I did today :o)

She has been showing selections of colours of wool, as suggested collections to buy, and this one caught my eye.

I'm not so keen on the darker green or the palest pink, so I have asked for two of the light blue, and added two balls of cream too instead.
This is a make of wool I've not used before- it's called New Fashion DK, and is by Woolcraft.
I've heard on the grapevine it's pretty good to crochet with, and it's a great price.
Well when it arrives I'll find out for myself!

I've also heard great things about the joys of these little gadgets...

It's a Wool Winder, and can change those awful shop bought "balls" into much easier to use properly wound round balls.
Having bad arms that ache at doing the slightest thing (is crochet really a good hobby for me? Most likely not, but hey....!) I embrace anything that may make my life easier.
So yes, I ordered one of these today too! (Available from eBay and Amazon)

So what have you been buying in your wooly/yarny world recently?

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