Friday, 24 January 2014

Fat Face Penny Tunics - I Love Them!


About a year ago I wandered into a Fat Face concession in a John Lewis store. And it changed the clothes that I was to buy from then on.
I'd never heard of the brand before, but immediately liked the styles and colours of the clothes they sold. I think I bought a long sleeved top and a short sleeved blouse to go over it.

Not long after on a shopping trip to Cambridge, with my daughter, I noticed a Fat Face store. Obviously I had to check it out.
There was a dress and a tunic in a small floral pattern, but they didn't have my size.
On getting home I googled their website and straight away ordered my first "Penny" tunic.

Later in the year I fell in love with another pattern of Penny tunic, but sadly I never managed to track down a Paisley one in my size.
Then I liked the Hummingbird pattern, and bought one quickly as stocks were getting low.
But it was now late September, and the weather started to turn. So after delivery I hung it in my wardrobe ready for Spring.

Over winter I have bought two more Penny's- both with long sleeves.
And now the new season prints are out I have to admit to having ordered two more- the first is the Wispy Floral, and that arrived last week. It has 3/4 sleeves so will be lovely once the weather starts to warm again.

The second is the Busy Floral pattern above- but I have to wait another week before stock arrives in their warehouse.... 
And I so can't wait for it to get here!
The pattern looks lovely, like a small ditsy floral kind of print.

So here is my current "collection" of Penny tunics....

It might sound like I'm obsessed... and maybe I am!
But I'm slightly on the shorter side of average height, and my  body is quite short in relation to the rest of  my body.
So having found an item of clothing that fits so well and suits my shape, I wanted to get a few! I honestly think I could wear them all the time! 

The Fat Face website suggests wearing them with leggings or jeans.
Personally I don't find jeans work very well as I think they are too bulky.
So I wear leggings (nice thermal warm ones at this time of year!) or jeggings.

Fat Face isn't the cheapest brand out there, so I try to buy as much as possible in their sales... They happen quite frequently and have great reductions- just a tip out there for any of their fans out there!

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