Friday, 24 January 2014

Just Another #fmsphotoaday Update!

Day 19- "Breakfast" and today I decided to try a bowlful of the rather delicious Reese's Puffs. They are gorgeous! And so they should be at the price that Tescos are charging for them (£5 a box!!!)

Day 20- "To Do List" As I don't actually have one on the go at the moment, I decided that if I did it would say this!

Day 21- "Blue" After a rather dull and wet start to the day the sky turned this gorgeous blue.

Day 22- "Nice" 
This was my lunch today, and oooooh was it nice. Pineapple cottage cheese on rice cakes topped with baby plum tomatoes!

Day 23- "Bedtime"
 My new bedtime routine of tablets to help with my arms and hands and to hopefully help me sleep. And back rub too for my neck.

Day 24- "Your Space"
My Space, where I sit each evening. Where I crochet, or catch up with Facebook or emails on my iPad.

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