Saturday, 11 January 2014

#fmsphotoaday - Days 6 to 11

Another catch-up post of my next batch of daily photos for the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge....

Day 06- "Happens Everyday"
Drying and styling my hair. Otherwise I'd always look like a scarecrow!

Day 07- "Upside Down" 
I found this a little trickier until in a need for chocolate I tipped up this box of chocolates!

Day 08- "Lucky Number"
I don't really have or even believe in lucky numbers, but if ever asked for a number, I will usually choose 5- my birthdate.
On looking for a "5"' I noticed 5 spots on my "garden" toadstool ornament (that still lives in my conservatory!)

Day 09- "Natural"
Quite an easy one- I found this fungi on the grass opposite my house.

Day 10- "Manmade"
What to choose? So many things to choose between, but I opted for this rather lovely retro radio toffee tin I bought myself for Christmas.

Day 11- "Looking Down"
I bought this retro camera from eBay, and it arrived today. This photo is looking down the lens.

I'm definitely enjoying this daily #fmsphotoaday photo challenge, I certainly intend to last the whole year!

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