Saturday, 18 January 2014

More #fmsphotoaday 12 to 18

Day 12- there is nothing more colourful than a pile of my crochet.

Day 13- Looking at these two always makes me smile.

Day 14- Three things sitting on my table in front of me... Some crochet motifs I'm making, my lovely mini iPad, and a sweet little new jug I bought today.

Day 15- Black and White keys on my piano. I woke up today wanting to play some music, so the piano was today's obvious choice.

Day 16- Sun. We didn't see too much of it today, but after a heavy downpour late in the afternoon it reappeared for a bit. Using just my iPhone I caught this lovely glare using raindrops on the kitchen window.

Day 17- I got myself a new book today, despite not liking to read. I thought a good dose of  Miranda Hart might cheer up my mood. But when did they start printing books with such small writing? I'd best be wearing my glasses to read it....

Day 18- today's prompt "Happy Place" sounded quite hard- I'm not sure I really have one. But today whilst out shopping in Cambridge we found a Dalek and a TARDIS in the Forbidden Planet shop. And that made Emily happy.

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