Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, New Blog


Well here I am again at last, a New Year, and a New Blog!
I've decided to start blogging again, for myself as much as anyone.
I want to keep a record of daily life, of the little things as well as the big.
I'm not going to promise to post everyday, I don't want to put that pressure on. Because then it'll be no fun.
There will be crafty things- mainly my love of Crochet, when these old hands of mine allow.
There will be snippets of what my little family are getting up to.

There will also be the photos I will be taking daily for the FatMumSlim Photo a Day challenge.
I've dabbled in daily photo challenges a little way back when, but having seen many others posting their pics in Instagram over the last year I thought I'd join in the fun too.

Every month, a new list is published up on the Fat Mum Slim blog giving the daily prompts list.
Here is this months....

Then each day you take a photo using that prompt as a guide- simple!
I will then post my photos daily on Instagram using the #fmsphotoaday hashtag. I might link them to Facebook too. And whenever I put up a blogpost I'll add them here too.


New Years Eve was spent round at Grandmas house, which is conveniently only a 5 minutes walk away since she moved there last year.
We had a lovely time, eating. drinking a little, playing "Quirkle" which is quite a fun colours/shapes matching game. Obviously there could only be one winner....

We also played the Heads Up App which is just fun and convenient new take on an old idea.

We stayed up eating chocolates and watching Gary Barlow on TV until Big Ben started to strike and welcomed the New Year in. We then watched the amazing London fireworks before heading back home to bed.

I hope that 2014 is a good year to all. I wasn't a particular fan of 2013- so hope this year is a little nicer.

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